Technical background / CMS

Technical background / CMS

Finding a suitable CMS

Long story short: I did not find one, which was not either bloated, insecure, broken, or depended on things I could not or did not want to install on my server. Basically, a static site was enough for me anyway, so I decided to go this way.

A static CMS

But writing the plain HTML pages seemed pretty cumbersome as well, because I things like the navigation bar would have to be copy-pasted to multiple places, which would have made administration really painful.

The solution was simple: Why not use the C preprocessor for managing the site?

So this is how my site is made: HTML code, enriched with some #include statements, and a script which pipes all of this through the C preprocessor. Additionally, some sed magic is applied to auto-generate the in-article-navigation box on the right side as .toc file, ready to be included in the actual page.


If you're further interested, you can download the raw source of this site, together with the script, here.

Please note that this might be not the most current version of my homepage, I only update this archive sporadically, and after I made changes to the build toolchain. Not all files are included, due to bandwith reasons. Also note that there's some black magic going on, it is not a very nice or clean solution. But it is simple :)