MusE Sequencer

MusE Sequencer

I'm one of the developers of the MusE Sequencer (GitHub).

MusE is a Music Editor written for Linux and aims to be a fully featured digital audio workstation (DAW). MusE's features include:


If you like screenshots, there are some at the bottom of the page

My contributions

I'm at the project since 2011. My most notable contributions (among various fixes etc) include:

I also migrated the whole project over to GitHub. Read the linked article for why and how.

Things to do

MusE is far from being complete. While it is already a great tool, the development team is still rather small, and we're struggling getting all the bugs fixed, and new features implemented.

Our to do list includes:

Getting involved

If you like to help us with any of the above (or anything else, actually), please get in touch with us! We greatly appreciate any help! Just write a mail to lmuse-{developer,user}, or to me. (Your mail may be replied to within some hours, or within several weeks.)

More information

For more information about the project, visit the project homepage under You can also subscribe to the lmuse-user or lmuse-developer mailing list.

Also have a look at our official repo (with issue tracker for reporting bugs), or at my own MusE repo at GitHub (or on