DrunkenMan3My DrunkenMan IRC bot, version 3 flo7 years
agario-botA bot playing flo5 years
avr-gamecubeQuery data from a GameCube controller using an AtMega8 flo7 years
dump_ds1992a DS1992 iButton Memory dumper flo5 years
fm-syntha phase modulation synthesizer flo7 years
gcn_usbGameCube controller to USB interface flo5 years
mariokartbotAn automated MarioKart64 driver bot flo5 years
maze-rlnnReinforcement learning with a neuronal network as Q-function in a maze (toy exam...flo5 years
midiriprip your synthesizer's sound flo7 years
museMy personal repository of the MusE sequencer. Unofficial! flo7 years
oculus-ardroneView things from your AR Drone's camera through an oculus rift flo5 years
phpbb3-listbridgeBridges between a phpBB3 forum and a Mailing List. Forked from git://vassalengin...flo7 years
rotarydialThe firmware for my USB Rotary Dial project flo7 years
sf2githubNOT UP TO DATE. Python script to migrate projects from SourceForge to GitHub; fo...flo7 years
stabilizeUses OpenCV2 and Python to stabilize a video and put it into a global context, c...flo7 years